Benefits of Rose flower
Skin Care

How To Make Rosewater | Benefits, Uses And Side Effects

Have you ever use a flower in your daily routine? You will be surprised to know how flowers repair your pores and Skin, Hair and Body? Let’s see the Amazing Rose Benefits On Skin.

Rose Flower

Rose petals are having with Vitamin C, A, E, Citic malic acid and pectin. These are full of antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and moreover’ with antioxidant properties. This is the queen’s beauty secret.

Amazing Rose Benefits On Skin

        • Hydrate the skin
        • Maintain the skin pH level
        • Control excess oil
        • Improve the skin irritation
        • Rid the acne
        • Cleans Pores
        • Tone the skin

How to use Use Rose

There are different ways we can use the rose in our diet or apply on our skin.

Rose face mask

 Since ancient time, we use rose petal extracts of rose petal for skin whitening. It is actually a beauty secret of the queen’s beauty regimes.


2 Rose flowers

1 spoon Gram Flour

3-4 drops Almond Oil

Wash the rose petals and make a fine paste add gram flour, few drops of almond oil and mix well, apply this for 15 min daily. You will be surprised with the captivating effects it leaves your skin younger and healthy. This helps to cure your damaged skin and delay the premature ageing. This is one of the benefits of using rose on the skin.

Rose Tea (Hot or cold)

Boil the red rose petals in water and add honey for taste. There are lots of benefits of drinking rose Tea. You can simply enjoy this hot or cold. This simple drink amazingly improves your immune system furthermore cure a sore throat. This easy to make tea even helps in curing constipation and urinary tract. 

Rose Water Skin Toner

Let’s see how to make rose water? This magical toner is not only tones your skin but also its fragrance works as a stress buster. Even the US company Kline says that rose-based beauty products are shining brightly in 2018. There are 100% Organic Natural Rosewater available in the market with no chemical. There are so many rose water benefits. You must apply the rose water on the face at night for better results. Even you can use pure rose water for eyes and hair. You may also choose rose water as a primer. This will improve the skin and give a very good fragrance.

Amazing Rose Benefits For Skin

    • How to Make the Rose Water.

    • Required

      1 cup Rose petals (dried or fresh)
      3 cup Water
      Pan with Lid
      container or maybe spray bottle.

      How to make

            1. Clean the rose petals in running water.
            2. Soak them in the pan for 2-3 hours.
            3. Now boil the water on low flame and cover the pan with lid.
            4. Boil them for 20 min and in between stir occasionally.
            5. When petals leave their colourfully just turn off the heat and leave the pan to cool down but don’t remove the lid.
            6. Now your rosewater is ready just stain it and put this in the container or in a spray bottle for use.
            7. Store it in the refrigerator for a few weeks.

Nowadays if you don’t have time to use the organic flower or make anything at home so you may use the products available in the market. Therefore some most commonly used rose skincare products are here.


The best rose water. Using rose water regularly twice a day will improve skin condition. It not only hydrates the skin but also balances the skin pH level. Rejuvenate skin and its anti-inflammatory properties leave an amazing smoother skin moreover hydrate the skin.

It is very lightweight hydrating rose facial cream. It releases the hydro patch at a time and also keeps the skin more hydrated. Above all, daily use of this rose cream for skin leaves remarkable evidence.

The best rose oil for face. This is the most unique rose geranium as the company claims the full refund. This essential oil is good for medicinal use. This product has good ratings and approved by 33800+ customers. You must mix the pure rose essential oil with lavender or almond oil. Or you may use this oil for aroma. This will improve the mood and reduce any headaches. 

Rose Toner is very gentle for the skin. It contains the rose water and rose oil which provide great moisture and above all refines the pores. Even you may use the rose water for hair it works well for frizz and its a best hair perfume.

It’s very good and soothing for sensitive skin. It hydrates, soothes, moisturizes and nourish the skin and leaves even youthful-looking skin There are different rose skincare products in the market.

This Organic scrub exfoliating dead skin and contains Rose, Sea Salt, Jojoba, Argan, and Almond oil. This gently scrubs works well as a skin polisher.

Its organic scrub id goos for Spa. This no chemical exfoliator contains essential oil with rose. As a result, Rose scrub benefits to treat acne and pimples. Rose petals help in controlling the excess oil, even the skin tone, reduces the skin imperfections and therefore leaves the skin more hydrated and moisturized.


Now, let me know how you will use the rose petals today and get amazing rose benefits on the skin.

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Stay Beautiful and thanks for reading.