Rose Colour meaning
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Rose Color Meaning

Rose Flower

Before we learn rose color meaning let’s learn some history of the flower. Rosa Damascena [1] or Damask rose also commonly known as Rose plant. However, it is presently vigorously developed in India, Turkey, Bulgaria and different zones of Europe but the plant name was origins in Iran. The ancient Greeks and Romans related roses with Aphrodite and Venus, goddesses Love. The plant was initially utilized by old Persians for its wellbeing and magnificence benefits. A large number of positive reactions have given the rose, in certain eyes, the confirmation of a miracle food. There is a different type of roses. They are differentiated based on size shape and colours.  Each colour symbolises a different meaning. Roses are available in white, pink, red, lilac, mulberry, red, splendid yellow, mauve and striped colour.

How can we use Rose?

Roses are best known as fancy plants developed for blooms in the nursery, and here and there inside. They have also been used to create business scents, business cut flowers. We can use the rose flower, rose petals or even rosehips. Let us see where else or how we can use the roses?

  • Decoration
  • Gifts
  • Food and Drink
  • Cosmetics- Beauty and Hair
  • Health Supplement
  • Art and Symbolism


Roses are a lot of famous for decoration.

Depending on the occasion we can select rose colour.


Nowadays roses are very much popular in a flower bouquet. Each rose colour and number of flowers used in a bouquet represent a different meaning, emotion and purpose. It is arousing curiosity to know how colour expresses your feelings. So before you select any rose must understand the meaning of rose color.

What does different color roses symbolize?

Let’s learn the meaning of rose color. Each rose represents a different feeling and emotions. So please give some time and select carefully.

White Roses: 

Shows purity, innocence, humanity, sympathy, and peace. It is so related to the new beginnings.

Red Rose Meaning: 

They show your love. Deeper the colour intense the love expression. The quantity of red roses has special romantic meaning. Furthermore, the most popular is with 12 roses which convey that I love you. This is the most common variety and this colour rose to mean a lot.

Pink Roses Meaning: 

They convey joy, gratitude, admiration. Like exceptionally light pink roses shows sweetness and purity. Deep pink shows appreciation, grace, and gratitude.

Yellow Roses Meaning: 

Mainly express cheerfulness or buoyancy. Yellow roses express the feeling of warmth, satisfaction, friendship and caring.

Rose Color Meaning

Lavender Roses Meaning: 

Lavender shows charm adoration and enchantment. Also expresses your first sight love.

Orange Roses Meaning: 

They represent the fiery blaze. So, a bunch of orange roses shows your passion, pride, and intense desire. Moreover, they represent the fascination and passion for romance.

Green Roses Meaning: 

It is a colour of harmony, fertility, luxuriousness, and nature. It represents peace, calm and tranquillity. Like white roses, they symbolized best wishes for a new life, new start or good health.

Blue Roses Meaning: 

An elusive flower. Blue roses cannot pick up naturally, so they speak to the impossible or secretive. Thus, blue roses typify the craving for the inaccessible. They pass on that I can’t have you however I can’t quit pondering you.

Black colour Rose Meaning: 

Exceptionally elusive like blue roses. Black is a colour of a full stop, death in a caring friendship you can mix pink, white and yellow roses, farewell. Deep dark red roses are black roses. Furthermore, sending these roses means the end of the relationship.

Purple Rose Meaning:

It is a beautiful colour and my favourite too. Purple rose is a sign of first sight love. Those who were delighted with feelings of love and adoration used these roses to show their intentions and romantic feelings. The color purple is also traditionally associated with the royal family.

Mixed Roses Meaning: 

Bunch of mixed colours of roses represent that you are not sure of your feeling but sure you like to send roses. Or if you know your mixed feeling like gratitude, honour, caring friend you may mix pink, white and yellow roses.

Each rose color represents a different meaning either its in a bunch or single but without speaking it conveys the message. Now you can select your rose colour carefully.

Food and Drink

Rosehips used to make soup flavouring, jam and even more intrigue syrup and rosehip marmalade.

Rosewater has an exceptionally curious taste and generally utilized in Middle Eastern, Persian, and South Asian foods, particularly in desserts, for example, grill, baklava, rice pudding, halva, biting desserts, nougat and Turkish enjoyment. 

In France, UK and Indian they mostly use the rose syrup, rose squash, rose dressings for ice creams. Even some variety of rose flowers is used in food for flavouring and even in confectionery products.

As per American Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, there are only some variety of rose flowers are edible or safe to use.

Cosmetics- Beauty and Hair

Rosehip is rich in vitamin C. Therefore, used in many cosmetic, beauty and hair products. It’s quite famous in natural beauty products. From flower petals to rosehip, everything is useful and have some importance. Rosehip oil is rich in vitamin C it creates a unique formula for ageing, fair skin, and controls the acne problem. Rose petals also used in any face or hair mask moreover in scrubs soaps, hair sprays etc. You can make different organic beauty masks for better skincare. 

Spray, dried petals, or oil diffusers are the most popular room fresheners. And how can we forget the attar or perfumes?

Health Supplement

Different rose species have significant levels of vitamins and used as food supplements. Rosa chinensis are good for stomach problems suitable for controlling cancer growth.

Symbolism & Art: 

The long social-cultural history of the rose prompted the way that it was often utilized as a symbol. In ancient Greece, the rose was intently couple with the goddess Aphrodite. After the Christianization of the Roman Empire, the rose started to be related to the Virgin Mary.

For many sanctuaries, colourful rose petals used for organic colour making. It used in many old paintings. So next time be careful to express your feeling with the correct rose flower.

You can plane your favourite rose in your garden in summer [2], [3], [4].

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