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What Are The Benefits Of Red Wine?

I grew up thinking that wine or other alcoholic beverages are not good for my health. In fact, I believed that alcohol should be banned from the face of the Earth. As a result, I am a teetotaller. Now after so many researches it is clear that wine is not only good for the heart but also has amazing health benefits. Let’s find out the benefits of red wine on our skin, hair and moreover on our health. But before we go further let’s understand some interesting facts about Red wine.

How to Make Red Wine?

Red wine is a type of wine made from dark (black) grape varieties. The actual colour of the wine can range from intense purple, typical of young wines, to brick red for mature wines and brown for older red wines. Even the most purple grape varieties juice is greenish-white. So, this red colour comes from the anthocyanin pigments present in the peel of the grapes. Thus, most of the red wine production process involves the removal of colour and taste components from the grape skins. Red wine is made by grinding and fermenting whole grapes of dark colour.

Little History of Red Wine

Around 6000 BC red wine was first produced (using the fermentation process) in Georgia and Iran. And it was first mentioned as an artificial medicine around 2200 BC, in ancient Egyptian papyri and Sumerian tablets.
In western medicine, they promoted wine as part of a healthy diet. According to them, the wine was also useful for disinfecting wounds, relieving pain during childbirth, and treating symptoms of diarrhoea and lethargy. It is known that even in the Middle Ages, Catholic monks often used wine for various medical procedures. And during the cholera epidemic of 1892, which shocked Germany, the wine was used to sterilize water.
At the beginning of the 20th century, the Temperance movement emerged, which prevented the consumption of wine, linking it with alcoholism. Best Red Eine

French Paradox

Before we continue, you need to know about the French paradox. It is an observation that the French have very low rates of cardiovascular disease, despite consuming large amounts of cholesterol and saturated fats.  Some experts believe that the reason may be the regular consumption of red wine by the French. 

What Makes Red Wine So Beneficial?

Red wine is made from dark red grapes, and grapes are rich in several antioxidants. Some of these include catechins, resveratrol, epicatechin, and proanthocyanidins. These special antioxidants in red wine provide many benefits. Like: Resveratrol, an antioxidant derived from the skin of grapes has an anti-ageing effect and is good for the heart.  Nowadays red wines are used in so many natural beauty products. 

Flavonoids, especially anthocyanins, which give the wine a rich red colour, can have a beneficial effect on overall health.
And proanthocyanidins can reduce the risk of heart disease. These antioxidants also help fight free radicals. Wines also contain some sugar – this is what you need to consider.

  • Dry wine – less than 4 grams of sugar per litre
  • Semi-dry wine – varies from 4 to 12 g of sugar per litre
  • Sweet wine – 45 g sugar per litre

Red wine may be available in all these types, and if possible, try to go for a dry wine.

Famous Brands of Red Wine 

You don’t have to buy a $50 bottle of wine to get the best benefits. The cheapest wine is said to have the same amount of antioxidants, although it may not be as enjoyable to drink. Pinot noir is said to have the highest content of resveratrol. It also has fewer calories than other wine varieties because it has less sugar. So, most of the people suggested Pinot Noir is the best red wine for health. Other varieties that are rated as the healthiest are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Shiraz, Malbec and Red Zinfandel. There are many types of red wine that vary in taste and colour. 

Moreover, there is a proper way to store wine [1].

How Much Red Wine You Can Drink?

But just wait… Before you open up any wine bottle or start drinking, please understand how much you can drink daily to maximise the red wine benefits. To clarify a suitable glass of wine with 5 oz is perfect for moderate drinkers. And when we say “moderate drink,” that means what is clinically considered healthy. For women, it’s one glass a day, and for men, two. 

It has been shown that drinking moderate amounts of red wine is good for your health. In recent years, numerous studies have been conducted that have shed a positive light on wine, especially on the red variety. It has a beneficial effect on heart health and diabetes care. It can also help in the fight against obesity and nervous system diseases. This is mainly due to the high content of powerful antioxidants.

Wines are equally beneficial for female and male; the only key is moderation for the benefits of wine. So, let’s understand the influence of red wine on our health. 

28 Amazing Health Benefits of Red Wine

red wine benefitsIt’s surprising, with all the health information in the media and from our doctors, that drinking red wine isn’t one of the top tips. In fact, red wine should nearly be prescribed to everyone over the age of 50. You are not only socially active with a glass of wine but also gain lots of health benefits on your mental, internal health furthermore on your skin and hair.

1. Boosts Heart Health

The wine contains powerful antioxidants, which are perhaps more effective than vitamin C and E. They bind to free radicals and prevent the formation of clots in our blood vessels. You will not be mistaken, because all antioxidants will drive away free radicals, no matter what colour you choose. This leads to a decrease in the frequency of heart attacks. In addition, a wine mixture of alcohol and polyphenols has an anti-inflammatory effect similar to aspirin.
Due to its natural aspirin-like properties, wine helps with atherosclerosis [2] (the formation of fat cells on our arteries). So, if you are going to eat this fatty piece of Stilton, you better drink it with a glass of wine! The Harvard Medical School [10] also recommend moderate wine drinking for a healthy heart.

2. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Drinking moderate amounts of red wine has a beneficial effect on cholesterol. Alcohol increases HDL cholesterol (high-density lipoproteins) and lowers LDL cholesterol (low-density lipoproteins). HDL cholesterol takes the cholesterol from the cells back to the liver, which processes it again. LDL cholesterol transfers cholesterol to cells that need it. But if there is an excess of cholesterol in the cells, it can accumulate in the walls of the arteries.
If we have too much LDL cholesterol, it makes us prone to strokes and heart attacks.

3. Weight Loss

One study says drinking a glass of red wine is as healthy as spending an hour at the gym. This is one of the great benefits of drinking red wine. I think I could drink wine instead of going to the gym easily.

It’s all because grape skins contain a compound called resveratrol that’s the reason for all the health hype. For instance, resveratrol that is supposed to help with weight loss by making fat easier to burn — kind of like raising your metabolism rate. Polyphenols in red wine help to reduce obesity above all reduce the waist size. Moreover, Red wine contains piceatannol it is very good in barring early-stage fat cells and restrain them for further development and growth. So, it helps in reducing the weight and the size too.

4. Prevents High Blood Pressure and Stroke

It’s also been proven that resveratrol lowers high blood pressure. In one study, two glasses of non-alcoholic wine lowered the chance of heart disease by 14% and stroke risk by 20%. That is like taking medicine but a little more enjoyable.

5. Promotes Longevity

Resveratrol in red wine also contains an enzyme that has the ability to increase lifespan. In the laboratory, this increased the life of yeast cells and fruit flies by 70%. We achieve the same effect of prolonging life, reducing calorie intake by a third. I think most people would rather have a glass of wine than a regular diet.

6. Help Prevent Alzheimer’s

Resveratrol in red wine brings many benefits to the body, and a 2015 study [3]even showed that it could stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Red wine

7. Prevents Tooth Decay

In 2014, a study conducted by the American Chemical Society [4], researchers found that red wine can protect the body from tooth diseases by killing unsafe bacteria in the mouth.

8. Fights Cancer

Resveratrol a substance in red wine is an antioxidant, act as an antibiotic against harmful bacteria also help prevent cancer above all wine consumption enhance gut microbiota. Research shows red wine may decrease the incidence of breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and possibly even improve fertility. It’s full of antioxidants, so who knows all of the health benefits. Study shows that resveratrol present in red wine reduces the risk of developing any upper digestive tract cancer[5].

9. Helps Fight Diabetes

Moderated or even occasional glass of Red wine also improves the blood sugar level in body moreover reducing the type two diabetes risk. Study shows that resveratrol in red wine help in that.[6]

10. Enhances Lung Function

Wine does not contain much iron, but it contains little: the mineral not only helps to transfer oxygen from the lungs to the tissues but also supports the metabolism and is crucial for the growth, development and normal functioning of cells.

11. Strengthens the Immune System

The wine has a high level of potassium, which plays a decisive role in counteracting the negative effects of salt in our diet. It replaces sodium in the body, which means that in many ways, wine is also a vitamin supplement. Wine also contains vitamin B6 which is good for cognitive development above all for improving the immune system.

12. Good Digestion

Red wine is also supposed to help with digestion and can even lower cholesterol. In Bible times they regularly drank wine with their meals. There are many shreds of evidence in old stories that red wine was used with a meal. Red wine removes the harmful chemicals in the red meet. Wine having low ethanol content it stimulates the stomach acid and helps indigestion.

13. Fight against food poisoning

Drinking wine between meals makes you less susceptible to foodborne illness. It is capable of fighting off deadly bacteria found in dairy and raw products name Listeria.

14. Fight Against Dementia

Studies show that Polyphenols in wine are responsible for the increase in blood flow and oxygen in the brain. This increased oxygen improves the brain function and significantly lower chance of developing dementia. It is good for elderly people.

15. Fight Inflammation

Inflammation – your body’s reaction to injury or infection – can be dangerous if it is exposed for a long time. And it is also responsible for chronic diseases. Well-known inflammatory conditions include arthritis, meningitis, asthma, laryngitis and pneumonia. With age, chronic inflammation can lead to loss of muscle mass.

It’s found from various researches that polyphenol in Red Wine prevent chronic inflammation in different ways.
Resveratrol acts as an inhibitor of COX-2, the enzyme responsible for pain and swelling. It can also prevent fungal infection, which can lead to inflammation and lower the joint inflammation. To receive the wine benefits doctors recommending it in Anti-inflammation diet [7].

16. Help for PCOS

Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), the hormone disorder responsible for enlarged ovaries with cysts on the outer edges, can lower elevated testosterone levels with resveratrol in red wine. The compound helped lower testosterone levels in patients by 23 per cent, which not only helps lower the risk of developing diabetes but also prevents the occurrence of phenomena such as excess hair and lack of periods [8].

17. Improves Bone Strength

We heard that Milk creates strong bones, but wine seems to help maintain them. Now the researches able to find the relationship between diet and bone fracture risk. The moderate wine appeared to strengthen the spinal bone density as compared to other alcoholic drinks. They found a link between improved bone mineral density (BMD) and the moderate consumption of red wine in older men. A study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)[11]  and the telegraph UK [12] certainly published the research details.

18. Helps Fight Parkinson’s Disease

Drinking moderate amounts of red wine help protect the brain by preventing Parkinson’s disease and the associated reduction in cognitive function. But moderation is the key.

19. Boosts Brain Health

Studies have shown that polyphenols in wine increase the blood flow and oxygen to our brain. This increase in flow boosts its power. Northumbria University tested the effects of wine on elderly people [13].

20. Fights Depression

Research shows that people who drink two to 6 glass of wine per week suffer less with depression.

21. Promotes Liver Health

Drinking alcohol to prevent liver disease may seem like the exact opposite of what you should do, but a 2008 study showed that drinking a glass of wine a day can reduce the risk of developing the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease by 50% compared to non-drinkers. Wine also contains Choline which is important for liver function, brain development and a good healthy metabolism.

22. Improves Sleep

Despite it helps to you asleep fast but an overdose of wine surely disturbs your sleeping pattern.

23. Reduces Stress

Resveratrol in red wine works as a stress reliever helps you to relax.

24. Treats Sunburn

Wearing sunscreen every day even in winter is very important. Skin cancer is a serious matter. Resveratrol in red wine can also protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays (UV) due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties.

25. Fights Acne

Resveratrol in red wine can help stop the growth of acne-causing bacteria, even better and longer than regular acne fighter benzoyl peroxide. As natural skincare, you must use the red wine face masks to treat acne furthermore skin whitening and glowing.

26. Promotes Thick Hair

After so much study and researches, beauty companies are suing the resveratrol in hair marks and more hair treatments.

Even you may use the homemade red wine hair mask also. For another type of hair masks, you may also read 9 DIY hair masks.

27. Slows Down Aging and Makes Skin Glow

Just a suggestion instead of stocking lots of anti-wrinkle or anti-ageing products just chill and enjoy a glass of wine. Red resveratrol in wine is 17 times more effective than any other man-made antioxidant like idebenone. In most anti-ageing products companies use the idebenone. Red wine with its antioxidant properties makes your skin look younger and improves the skin glow[9]. Nowadays there are different wines are used in many cosmetic, organic, beauty, haircare and skincare products.

28.  Wine for skin whitening

Red wine packed with lots of antioxidants. This restores the skin collagen and maintains the skin elastic.  Polyphenol helps the ageing and make your skin brighter and younger. Must pair the glass of wine with some healthy diet for quick and long-lasting results. Pinot noir is very good for skin whitening.

If you don’t like to consume the red wine maybe you don’t like the taste then there are tablets or capsules are very much available in the market for you. They will provide you with the same benefits as red wine.

I hope indeed you got enough information regarding the benefits of red wine. 

Above all must remember to choose wine carefully and carefully decided how you like to use wine for health?

In case you decided to drink then please moderate the drink.

Please share your feedback or suggestion. Write your answer in the comments section and share your feedback.

Stay Fit and thanks for reading.