About Us

Hi!  and Thanks for following my blog! Blog about using natural organic beauty, health and motivation.

I studied hard and working good. Worked in IT, Beauty, and fashion. I was progressing in my career and suddenly realize that my kids need me more. So I left the job but my interest in reading and researching help me to go through all the good and bad time. My lovely daughters and amazing husband helped me to find out my real knowledge and interests in using natural organic ways to be beautiful. Knowledge about maintaining our beautiful skin with organic natural ways. Also, being motivated towards everything.

Let’s Influence was suggested and compelled by my daughters. They inspired and in fact motivates me to write down something which I agree with it.  I started blogging in 2018. It truly represents my personality of inspiring people, motivating them, help them to find themselves. Here I share the natural beauty, health, motivation, confidence, and inspiring. I share my knowledge of maintaining health with organic natural home products like good home remedies.

Let’s influence is to believe in inspiring or motivating others. Most importantly motivate them mentally by giving them good thoughts, physically by sharing good health tips and enhancing natural organic ways to be beautiful, home remedies or even sharing the feedback of good products. I constantly agree with the herbal products that help our skin gleam furthermore enhance our wellbeing. As we just started and promise I will be posting quality details about tips on using natural organic ways to be beautiful, makeup, fashion with super inspirational quotes.

I Love to receive your feedback and above all agree to give you more of what you want to see. So, please do not restrict you to contact me.

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